About Treborth Group RDA

Treborth Group RDA is an autonomous branch of the Riding for the Disabled Association.

We have three horses and two ponies; an outdoor arena with an all-weather surface, wheelchair ramp and floodlighting; and all the necessary tack and equipment. RDA is labour intensive; at least one qualified instructor, a first-aider, and up to ten volunteer helpers are needed at each of our riding sessions.

There are over 80 riders with varying abilities on our books. They range in age from 3 to 60, and we teach them to ride to the best of their abilities. Our riders are children from special schools; disabled children in mainstream education; disabled adults living in the community; and residents from a local hospital. Some have physical and/or learning difficulties while others suffer from emotional and behavioural problems.

Riding is fun, challenging and improves communication, coordination and balance. The confidence our riders gain by achieving the goals we set for them spills over into their everyday lives.

Treborth RDA is not funded by a central body and we rely on our own local fundraising activities and donations to cover our running costs, which include caring for the horses, shoeing, feeding, insurance, repairs and renewals of tack, rent for grazing and training for instructors and helpers. These costs are in the region of £8000 per annum.

Everyone involved with the group are unpaid volunteers.